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Stock Audit Services in Dubai will help to monitor, protect and supervise your stock. Stock audit services are also known as inventory verification services. The objective of the stock audit is to prove the accuracy, existence, and ownership rights and ensure the value of the items in the Company’s inventory. Stock audit needs proper planning, resources, and expertise. Our stock auditors can help you to conduct the verification of inventory and give more clear and deeper insights into your stock along with a proper reconciliation of existing stock records. Rayan is one of the leading audit firms in Dubai, UAE.

Stock is the most important asset for all businesses. It is mandatory for any businesses that are keeping a stock or inventory to ensure the accuracy of the stock. The purpose of stock audit services is to ensure the statistics of stock through proper analytical accounting of the stock and inventory. 

Stock accounting
Stock reconciliation
Valuation of stock
Evaluation of stock
Inventory coding
Inventory categorization


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Scope of Stock Audit Services – Inventory Verification

Organizations are usually taking stock audit services on a semi-yearly or yearly basis. The stock audit will assure that the physical stock or inventory is conforming with the stock book. Our stock audit services will ensure an excess of materials in the stock as well as a shortage of materials in the stock.

Inventory verification will also identify the expired, old, or damaged material from the inventory. Stock audit assists the management to control and have more insights regarding the inventory and this will lead to the reduction of losses and wastage arising due to damage or fraud. 

Stock Taking

Inventory Verification or Stocktaking is a physical checking of stock of goods or inventory in the store after a regular interval of time. Inventory Verification or Stocktaking is made periodically, normally made at the end of the financial year at the time of finalization of accounts.

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