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Forensic Auditing

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The main objective of the forensic audit is to identify the fraudster, his modus operandi, the amount embezzled, and the evidence that auditors can use in a court of law. Forensic auditing includes various activities, and it requires the active participation of the client and the forensic auditor. Generally, companies choose an external firm such as NR Doshi and Partners to conduct a forensic audit. By entrusting the task to an experienced and responsible auditing firm, a firm can expect a fruitful and unbiased investigation.

Forensic audit or fraud investigation is not a new concept, the demand for fraud prevention & examination services is getting high because of the modern world crime. A forensic audit is a process of tracking & investigating the matters related to fraud, financial crimes & commercial disputes. It also determines the root & causes of financial errors, alleged employee fraud, reduction in company revenue, increase in cost & other operational matters.

Corporate fraud investigation
Financial reporting fraud
Suspicious transactions
Bribery & corruption
Claims analysis
Anti-money laundering
Determination of compliance


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Significance of forensic Auditing

When someone mentions – forensic audit services in the UAE, NR Doshi is one of the few names that come to mind. We have been conducting External Audit Services in UAE, and forensic audits for companies for over 36 years. The main aim of forensic audits is to help businesses control/prevent fraudulent acts. Technology has evolved in the past few years, and so have fraudsters who devise newer ways to embezzle funds, deceive companies and manipulate them for vested interests. Effective forensic auditing can identify the cause & the culprit. Since forensic auditing is crucial, companies should not compromise and settle for mediocre service providers. Rayan follows a methodical and tailor-made approach to forensic audits. First, we identify the fraud and gather evidence against the fraudster to determine the affected business aspects and the financial setbacks inflicted by the fraud.

Forensic Auditing Investigation Techniques

A forensic investigation covers various aspects like forensic auditing/accounting, forensic science, etc. Our primary area of focus is forensic accounting. Over the years, we have learned and implemented several forensic auditing & fraud investigation techniques.
Our forensic audit services
Capital expenditure
Financial records
Computer-assisted reviews