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Auditing Services

Professional Auditing Services

Audit services, in essence, increase the trustworthiness of financial information prepared by clients for use by investors, creditors, and other stakeholders. Rayan  audits strive hard to give our clients meaningful information to help them improve their operations where possible.

Based on our strong local expertise and a genuinely worldwide attitude and network, we serve big, medium-sized, growth-oriented, and complicated organizations in the United Arab Emirates. Our audit services are founded on our core principles of professionalism, ethics, quality, and diligence

Learn of possible problems and ways to overcome them, much before they occur

Our auditing firm delivers top-notch and distinctive audit reports,

we are proposing all types of professional audit services to meet various business needs such as:

  • External audit,
  • Internal audit,
  • ICV Audit,
  • Stock Audit,
  • Tax Audit,
  • Liquidation Audit,
About Our Auditing Services

During a financial control audit, the auditor reviews how the bookkeeping is done, how transactions are entered into the system, how financial transactions are reported and how adequate and secure the internal controls are. It is performed by the internal auditors rather than the external auditors for effective management. It ensures that the resources and capacity available to the entity is utilized to the maximum by the entity. We provide financial control audit services periodically (monthly, quarterly and annually) as per your business need. It will support cost reduction; it will help abridge inefficiencies, irregularities and risk of fraud or error. Effective control functions help business run better. Our practical suggestions are aimed at strengthening the business, not just looking at process, we bring something different. We can work with you in diverse ways: full external evaluation, facilitated review or self-assessment.


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Risk Management

Risk advisory services helps in evaluating the culture, systems and processes of a business to identify and sort out problems. This can help make decisions, support business objectives and prevent loss, damage or harm to the business. Business improvements require risk management integrated across your organization’s management, processes and technology. Our well efficient team leads risk management projects across all aspects of an enterprise, from risk assessment to any extend. Directors alone cannot establish and maintain effective risk management practices; employees are the backbone of the company, so we need to get all team levels involved in sharing accountability and responsibility, towards managing business risk. 

Stock Auditing

Stock audit or inventory audit is a term that refers to physical verification of a company or institution’s inventory assets. There are types of stock audits depending on the purpose and every stock audit will require a different approach.There are several key reasons why an institution needs to perform a stock audit, including: Identify the slow-moving stock, deadstock, obsolete stock, and scrap,Find out discrepancies between book stocks and physical stock.Update the physical stock that matches book stock.Make sure the proper preservation and handling of stocks.Stock audits is also an important factor in determining the benefits that should be offered to institutions. These are the key benefits of stock audits.To reduce cost and bottom-line.

Operational Audit

As per the Institute of internal audit  (IIA), operational audit is defined as a systematic process of evaluating the organizational effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operations. Where a financial audit report day to day transactions and operating activities. It basically helps in strengthening the internal controls, reducing the costs and irregularities. This can be performed by an internal auditor of the entity or could be outsourced; it is their responsibility to provide a strategy to overcome the shortcomings of the business, that will propel the management to take effective measures.

Compliance Audit

Compliance audit is performed to ensure that your business is abiding by the laws and regulation related to your specific industry. It also includes all your contractual obligations and whether they have been adhered to as per the law. A compliance audit report is usually required by financial institutions or government bodies to affirm that all daily activities and operations are being legally complied with the protocols; and this varies from business to business; e.g. a compliance audit for a financial institution will be regarding personal data, disaster recovery or information backup; a medical facility business would be audited on personal information, surgery contracts or any other law regarding health facilities.