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Vat Consultancy

We give the VAT Consultancy Services

Managing VAT obligation is crucial for any business. VAT considerations have an impact on changing business scenarios like launching of new services, new transactions, and changes in supply-chain structure. In-house VAT advisory expertise is not enough to handle the VAT impact.

Our VAT advisory services in Dubai focus on all VAT related matters with a qualified, experienced, and supportive tax agent to guide on your VAT issues. We ensure client-focused advisory services with a dedicate VAT team offering wide range of VAT related services. Our Tax advisory services in Dubai conduct specialized review on the current tax position of your business and provide relevant advice related to legal compliance.

Rayan is fully equipped with a team of professional and experienced VAT experts who will help you to run your business smoothly by providing the best and authentic VAT services including:

  • Vat registration
  • Vat Return filing
  • Vat refund
  • Vat Audit
  • VAT Accounting
  • Vat Deregistration

Non-residents who make taxable supplies in UAE will have to register for VAT, any other UAE registered resident is responsible for accounting VAT on such supplies.VAT return should be submitted within 28 days from the end of tax period. As per the Federal tax authority or FTA, periodicity of VAT return may be monthly or quarterly.Tourists should pay VAT, when they purchase anything within UAE, however they can avail refund on VAT on certain purchases while leaving UAE. Such refund is provided by retailers participating in the ‘Tax refund for tourist scheme’Our VAT advisory services in UAE include a wide range of services like analyzing current tax positions and related advisory, drafting documents and stay up-to-date with legal compliance, on-going VAT advisory, update and assistance. We guide you on all VAT related matters.


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Our qualified tax advisors, tax accountants, and finance experts work on VAT advisory, implementation, tax optimization, and relate training services.

Step 1

Identify the VAT impact on your business
Create an outline for VAT registration obligation and steps to apply for a VAT registration number
Review contractual agreement with suppliers and customers to properly map out the transaction types
IT system and accounting system analysis
Well-structured business to avoid unnecessary cash flow, particularly in case of intercompany transactions.

Step 2

Based on the first step, our team implements changes in IT system and throughout the organization

Our Tax advisory services in Dubai make sure the maintenance of relevant records and books.
Ensure accounts payable received evidences input VAT paid
Ensure accounts receivable understands when output VAT should be paid.
Update invoice templates to ensure relevant information on VAT invoices are included.
Assist VAT registration with competent authority.

Step 3

It’s difficult to adapt with change, we ensure tailored  VAT Training to assist in the transition in to VAT. Our VAT advisory services in Dubai will handle post implementation support and guidance during the project.

Step 4

We advise on imports and exports, application of rules, tax exemptions, VAT treatment of intra-GCC transactions.
Prepare and filing VAT returns
Assist in claiming VAT refunds
Update invoice templates to ensure relevant information on VAT invoices are included.
Assessment of VAT implication